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Recently, Watts and Anhui Qingtian jointly organized a wonderful training on water purification products. The lecturer actively communicated with the Qingtian sales and explained the features and advantages of Watts water quality products in detail. In the interactive session, the lecturer gave professional answers to questions from end users. At the end of the training, the trainees also passed online training assessment and completed the training feedback research.

Dynamic onsite interaction

Where there is water, there is Watts. Watts is a century-old company dedicated to providing Water System Total Solutions covering residential/commercial and professional areas. Watts not only has its own patented water treatment materials including high-contamination Micro-Z® zeolite, innovative physical anti-scaling OneFlow® resin, etc., but also has 99.9999% high-efficiency disinfection grade Smartstream UV system, Foodservice food purification system with integrated purification and anti-scale functions, and highly efficient anti-scale OneFlow® commercial system in which the boiler hot water system is applied. The commercial market has always been the area that Watts USA has been good at, and its future development in China will also expand from retail area to commercial area. In conjunction with this development plan, the lecturer also introduced in detail the three new products to be launched in 2019: Premix Sediment, high-efficiency lead removal ultrafiltration machine fully imported from America, and full range of OneFlow® anti-scale products.

Test Your Knowledge (Answers Below, No Cheating!):

  1. The Watts imported sediment uses the patented siphon backwashing technology that flushes cleanly once and reduces the frequency of flushing. So what is siphon backwash?
  2. Can Watts Central soft water resin be used normally when it is regenerated?
  3. If the PP cotton strainer cartridge in the ultra-filtration direct drinking purifier has reached its 3 months service life, will the display alarm and purifier stop the water?



  1. There are three guiding diameters in the bottle body. The unique siphon backwashing structure and the precise calculation of the distance between the filter mesh and the shell body formed the maximum siphon during the flushing through the powerful hydraulic action of the siphoning groove to completely remove the filtered impurities.
  2. Tap water can be used normally, but soft water cannot be used. The factory default resin regeneration time is set at 2:00 in the morning. If water is needed during this regeneration period, the water in the bypass valve can be used.
  3. For the service life of the Watts end direct drinking purifier strainer cartridge, the time flow dual control mode is used. The service life of the PP cotton strainer cartridge is generally 3-6 months, which is related to how much water the user actually consumed. For the Watts end direct drinking purifier produced before December 2018, the water will automatically cut off if the strainer cartridge reached its service life and is not replaced in time. For the machines produced after December, the use of the strainer cartridge can be continued when the service life of the strainer cartridge is reached and is not replaced, but the machine will beep to remind the replacement of the strainer cartridge as long as the water gets discharged.

  …so, how did you do?

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